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Excavator worry free offline service officially launched


With the launch of the excavator worry free online shopping mall and the establishment of the excavator worry free e-commerce Co., Ltd., the development of Litong hydraulic opened a new chapter. On the morning of August 13, 2015, Litong excavator worry free "the first excavator maintenance service vehicle" was officially offline. Adopt the mode of "online" + "offline" to build a new navigation mark for hydraulic lubrication service of Chinese excavators.
"Letone excavator worry free e-commerce platform" is a comprehensive network service platform newly built by Litong hydraulic for Chinese excavator industry practitioners. It is a functional communication platform that provides maintenance services and maintenance skills for excavator industry practitioners. The majority of "diggers" can search for the required accessories on the platform, and enjoy free access to all professional knowledge such as excavator maintenance.
With the "first mobile excavator service vehicle" coming off the production line, there will be ten, one hundred and one thousand mobile excavator service vehicles to provide accurate services for the majority of "digging friends" wholeheartedly.
At the same time of providing accurate service for the majority of "diggers", Litong digger also provides maintenance parts for diggers such as hydraulic hose assembly, hydraulic hard pipe assembly, various filter elements, hydraulic oil, engine oil, gear oil, oil protectant, antifreeze, sealing ring, breaking hammer, etc.
The Internet plus offline O2O promotion mode caters to the current development opportunities of the "Internet +" era. On the one hand, it builds a practical and simple online information platform, which provides the latest and most useful information for the excavator practitioners. On the other hand, it visits the field to understand the needs, provides maintenance services, and stands on the position of the excavators, integrating advantages and exerting the power of gathering. Quantity, from the parts manufacturers, service manufacturers for more support.

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