Special topic of ultra-high pressure cleaning hose
Special topic of municipal pipeline network dredging
A complete set of equipment for ultra-high pressure and ultra-large flow - sewage pipeline dredging equipment
The whole machine adopts diesel engine to drive 750TJ5 complete set of equipment, the maximum pressure is set to 145MPa, to solve the serious blockage of hard objects in the pipeline and the blockage of cement concrete. Internal concrete blockage.

Solve the problem of blockage of concrete and hard substances in the pipeline. There is no need for excavation and construction, which greatly reduces the cost of pipeline engineering operations.
service one
Letone Intelligence is supported by the core technology of high-pressure pumps.
service two
Provide equipment services, joint dredging operations, and solve a series of problems.
service three
Work plans are formulated for complex working conditions such as large pipe diameters, long distances, severe blockages, and concrete hardening.
service four
Serialization, joint operation of the entire line of technical equipment, including dredging, dredging, and trenchless repair
Application scenarios
Garbage jam
severe blockage
tree root blockage
solid blockage
road blockage
Engineering muck clogging
Complex working conditions - scaling
Complex working conditions - foreign body perforation
Complex working conditions - deposition
Complex working conditions - corrosion
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January 2020
Difficulties and pain points are that the working environment often has serious hardening, long distances across rivers, ultra-long distances, hard materials, concrete structures, etc. We have a joint solution of high-pressure and ultra-large flow equipment + special dredging hose + special dredging nozzle mechanism, Formed our absolute advantage: replace the artificial downhole dredging and avoid hydrogen sulfide poisoning casualties.
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