Special topic of ultra-high pressure cleaning hose
Special topic of municipal pipeline network dredging
Dredge vehicle market status
There is no core technology, and the homogeneity is serious; high-pressure pumps, as the core equipment of municipal modified vehicles, have become the primary factor restricting the long-term development of the industry. Generally speaking, although most of the product categories in my country's pump industry have achieved independent production and manufacturing, there are relatively few product categories with independent intellectual property rights, and more core technologies are in the hands of developed countries.

Moreover, due to the shortcomings in basic technology research, the development of basic machinery and basic components in my country's pump industry is lagging behind, which has become a major obstacle to the development of the industry and is also facing the risk of eliminating backward production capacity.
service one
Letone Intelligence is supported by the core technology of high-pressure pumps.
service two
Provide equipment services, joint dredging operations, and solve a series of problems.
service three
Work plans are formulated for complex working conditions such as large pipe diameters, long distances, severe blockages, and concrete hardening.
service four
Serialization, joint operation of the entire line of technical equipment, including dredging, dredging, and trenchless repair
Application scenarios
Garbage jam
severe blockage
tree root blockage
solid blockage
road blockage
Engineering muck clogging
Complex working conditions - scaling
Complex working conditions - foreign body perforation
Complex working conditions - deposition
Complex working conditions - corrosion
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January 2022
At present, a relatively complete production system for pump products has been formed, and it has become an important production base for pump products. Driven by the favorable policies of the national manufacturing industry, both the industrial scale and the technical level have been greatly improved through multiple means such as introduction and absorption, renewal and transformation, and digestion and innovation. A strong technical team, a professional engineering service team, and sufficient equipment storage provide users with a one-stop service experience, constantly break through the application of different difficult working conditions, and meet the increasingly diverse needs of users.
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