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Our Events
April 2003: Luohe Letone Rubber Co., Ltd. was registered and established
January 2008: Luohe Letone Rubber Co., Ltd. moved to the private industrial park of Luohe Economic and Technological Development Zone
February 2008: The first phase of the project located in the Private Industrial Park of Luohe Economic and Technological Development Zone was put into operation
March 2009: For the first time, it was awarded the title of "2008 Advanced Unit of Safety in Production" by the Entrepreneurship Service Center of Luohe Economic and Technological Development Zone. Since 2009, the chain has been awarded this title for five years.
April 2009: cooperated with Italy OMA company and introduced the company's first fully automatic four-reel winding machine
Our Events
April 2010: The second phase of the company's first plant was put into production; the company successfully passed the ISO9001 quality system certification
April 2010: Participated in the 107th Guangzhou Spring Fair
June 2012: Passed the national AAA-level standardized good behavior certification, and won the "standardized good behavior enterprise certificate"
July 2012: Our company was supported by the National Technology Innovation Fund for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
September 2012: The hydraulic ultra-high pressure project with an annual output of 10 million meters was put into operation
October 2012: The six German Mayer3X3 wire braiding machines introduced by the company were officially put into use
November 2012: The company and Luohe City Quality and Technical Supervision, Inspection and Testing Center jointly established a rubber hose laboratory
December 2012: Won the title of "Famous Brand Product of Henan Province". Won the "Innovative Pilot Enterprise in Henan Province"
December 2012: The company served as the chairman unit of "Hydraulic Hose Product Technology Innovation Alliance" in Luohe City
Our Events
January 2013: Won the title of "Top Ten Chinese Rubber Hose Enterprises" issued by the Hose Tape Branch of China Rubber Industry Association
May 2013: Construction Machinery Exhibition in Hannover, Germany
July 2013: Won the title of "Luohe City Outstanding Innovative Enterprise" awarded by the People's Government of Luohe City
December 2013: Established Henan Province High-pressure Hose Engineering Technology Research Center
March 2014: Won the 2013—2014 annual top ten hose
March 2014: Letone hydraulic chain Changsha flagship store opened
April 2014: The company launched the "Hercules" (Artery) series of products
April 2014: Letone Hydraulic obtained API certification from American Petroleum Institute
November 2014: The company's artery series 25-4sh pulse test exceeded 1.5 million times
Our Events
January 2015: Letone Hydraulic won the 2014 Mayor Quality Award of Luohe City
June 2015: Luohe Letone Hydraulic Technology Co., Ltd. was officially listed on the "New Third Board"
June 2015: Letone Hydraulics Qingdao Research Institute settled in Rubber Valley
August 2015: Letone hydraulic excavator Wuyou "first excavator service vehicle" officially launched
July 2016: Letone Hydraulic Testing Center successfully passed the national laboratory accreditation
December 2016: Letone Hydraulic Amoeba Project was fully launched
Our Events
March 2017: The company launched the "Super Artery" (Super Artery) series of products
May 2017: The company's 7K/16C/Q1 series products passed API (American Petroleum Institute) certification
September 2017: The company signed the largest equipment purchase contract: Deploy 100 Mayr knitting machines in 5 years, becoming the first in China
September 2017: The company was identified as the "Public Bank of China business survey designated enterprise"
September 2017: The company once again won the "Top Ten Chinese Rubber Hose Enterprises" for six consecutive years.
October 2018: The member meeting of Henan Province Hydraulic Hose Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance was successfully held in our company
October 2018: Letone Hydraulic API 7K 3 103.5 MPA successfully tested
November 2018: "Letone Hydraulics 2018 New Product Launch Conference" was held in Shanghai Venus International Hotel
December 2018: In the afternoon, Letone Hydraulics "Ultra high pressure large diameter industrial pipe production line signing ceremony" was successfully held
Our Events
March 2019: Letone Hydraulic won the "2018 Civilized and Honest Enterprise
June 2019: Successful trial production of OMA production line in Italy for Letone Fluid Smart Industrial Park project
August 2019: Letone API 7K, API 16C series products successfully obtained the ABS certification issued by the American Bureau of Shipping
December 2019: The company's technology center was identified as Henan Enterprise Technology Center
January 2020: API 16D, a series of Letone oil pipe products, successfully obtained the fire protection certificate from Lloyd's Register of Shipping (LR)
January 2020: Letone won the assessment certificate of the integration of two industrialization management system
April 2020: Letone and China Mobile jointly build a 5G+ smart factory
June 2020: Luohe Letone Hydraulic Technology Co., Ltd. was awarded the title of “Peida Yuqiang Award”
November 2020: “Three-effect” unified | Letone will build “green and efficient” smart factory
Our Events
February 2021: Letone Technology is listed on the selection layer of the New Third Board
March 2021: Won“Luohe Mayor Standard Award”
May 2021: Won the title of “Technology Upgrade Award“ in the development zone
June 2021: Letone Party Branch won the title of “Advanced Grassroots Party Organization in Henan Province“
August 2021: Won the title of “Advanced Unit for Charity Fundraising“
September 2021: Letone Technology 3”20000psi super wear-resistant acidizing fracturing hose was successfully developed and tested
October 2021: Won the title of “Top Ten Rubber Hose Enterprises in China“ for ten consecutive years
October 2021: The first phase of the Super Hercules low bending project has an annual output of 30 million meters and the production line is put into operation
November 2021: Selected into the list of pilot enterprises for “integration of two industries“ in Henan Province
November 2021: Letone Technology is listed on the Beijing Stock Exchange, stock code 832225
December 2021: The project with an annual output of 30 million pieces of fluid connectors was successfully put into production
December 2021: The second 190E compound rubber production line is put into operation, with an annual capacity of 25,000 tons of compound rubber
December 2021: The “Key Technology and Industrialization of Ultra-high Pressure Oil Drilling and Production Delivery Hose“ project won the third prize of Henan Science and Technology Progress Award
December 2021: Won the title of “Municipal Rubber Hose Manufacturing Skills Master Studio“
December 2021: A UPE composite hose and its preparation method invention patent issued (UPE multifunctional hose invention patent issued)
December 2021: Won the title of “Luohe Youth Civilization“
Our Events
January 11, 2022: Selected into the list of the first batch of self-recognition centers for the skill level of enterprise employees in Luohe City
February 8, 2022: Lou Yangsheng, then Secretary of the Henan Provincial Party Committee, visited Litong Technology for research work
February 21, 2022: LT301F super wear-resistant acid fracturing hose officially entered the US market
June 8, 2022: Identified as a “specialized, special and new“ small and medium-sized enterprise in Henan Province in 2022
August 1, 2022: LT301 super wear-resistant acidizing fracturing hose successfully won the bid and opened up the domestic market
August 4, 2022: “Development and industrial application of high-pressure and ultra-high-pressure PTFE rubber-plastic composite multifunctional industrial hose“ project was successfully accepted
August 8, 2022: Recognized as a national-level specialized and new “little giant“ enterprise
August 30, 2022: Won the title of “Top 100 Enterprises in China's Rubber Industry in 2022“
December 20, 2022: Awarded the title of “Excellent Private Enterprise in Henan Province“
December 28, 2022: Passed the approval of the customs system, obtained the AEO certification qualification, and became the only high-end certified enterprise in Luohe Customs
January 27, 2023: Municipal Party Committee Secretary Liu Shangjin and Mayor Qin Baoqiang visited Litong Technology to investigate the resumption of work and production
February 8, 2023: Litong Technology was shortlisted for the top 100 enterprises in China's rubber industry in 2023

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