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Card sleeve type pipe joint installation


(1) According to the requirements of Chapter 9, the pipes that need to be pickled should be pickled first;


(2) Use a sawing machine or special pipe cutter to cut the pipe according to the required length. It is absolutely not allowed to cut by melting (such as flame cutting) or grinding wheel; remove the internal and external round burrs, metal chips and dirt at the end of the pipe; remove the rust prevention of the pipe joint Agent and dirt; at the same time, it is necessary to ensure the roundness of the tube;


(3) Put the nut and the ferrule into the tube in succession, the cutting edge (small diameter end) of the ferrule is at least 3mm away from the port of the tube, and then insert the tube into the taper hole in the joint body until it stops


(4) Tighten the nut slowly, and turn the tube until it stops, then tighten the nut 2/3 ~ 4/3 turns;


(5) Disassemble and check whether the ferrule has been cut into the pipe and the position is correct. The card sleeve is not allowed to move axially and can be rotated slightly;


(6) After passing the inspection, tighten the nut again.

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