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Hydraulic hoses and connectors, petrochemical and other industrial hoses and connectors, rubber compounds and rubber sealing products have become the three pillar industries of Letone. The product certifications that Letone has passed include safety standard (MA), MSHA, American Petroleum Institute (API) API-16C and API-7K, American Bureau of Shipping ABS (oil drilling equipment and steel wire braided rubber hose assembly), labor Fire certification, etc. Fully meet the needs of equipment manufacturing, oil drilling, iron and steel metallurgy, rail transit, energy, chemical and other fields.
High Pressure
In oil drilling and exploration work, it is often necessary to bear a lot of pressure. The oil drilling and production hoses produced by us can be used normally in the environment of high pressure of 200Mpa, and can transport water-based mud and oil-based mud under high pressure. The higher the pressure, the more steel wire layers are added, and the more stringent the production process requirements are. Our designers use 2-6 layers of high-strength and super-flexible steel wire or steel wire rope, which can withstand high pressure.
Equal Diameter
After the ordinary rubber hose is installed with the joint, the inner diameter of the joint part of the hose will be compressed a lot. The oil drilling and production hose we produce has the characteristics of equal diameter. When the medium flows through the joint, the generation of eddy current is reduced, the resistance is reduced, and the protection Rubber hose, avoid friction of inner layer, longer service life.
API 7K Series - Rotary Drilling and Shock Absorbing Hose, with the characteristics of light weight, API series products are 25% lighter than other ordinary coiled pipes. Lighter hoses help improve fuel economy, reduce shipping costs, and are easier to handle and install.
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A customer site of oil exploration in the Middle East
In December 2017, we cooperated with our company, and the current daily output of crude oil is 20T Products used in the project: kill pipe 20000m/month, high pressure salon belt 15000m/month If the hose is used before cooperation, there are problems such as short service life, oil leakage and bursting. Recently, UPE kill pipe helped customers solve this problem, and the average service life of each pipe increased by 30 to 45 days. Since the cooperation in 2017, hydraulic oil drilling pipes have been greatly used in this oil base, especially API-16C, API-16D, API-BOP and ptfe, large-diameter multi-functional hoses, etc. The hydraulic pressure adopts the latest research and development results to strengthen The characteristics of wear resistance, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, high and low pressure resistance used in the product, compared with the previous conditions, improve the application efficiency of machinery and reduce the overall application cost.
New high pressure hydraulic hose replaces rubber hose in oil and gas applications
Products used in the rigorous oil and gas industry must be resilient and of high quality to properly support these complex operations. Hoses and connections must be safe, versatile and efficient. Rubber hoses have their limitations when used in harsh environments. One of the problems is bubbling of the inner tube. Foaming is caused by fluid seeping into the rubber core tube over time. When the pressure is released quickly, the fluid will try to escape quickly and damage the rubber core tube, causing blisters, which in turn cause leak paths in the core tube. Letone Hydraulics has developed high pressure hoses specifically for subsea applications. The core tube is made of nylon, time- and field-proven for use in subsea applications, and chemically compatible with subsea control fluids.
Offshore Drilling Mud Hose
Slurry hoses are bulk delivery hoses for the offshore oil and gas industry. For transfer from shore to ship and onboard installation of drilling fluids, including most fluids used in hydrocarbon drilling operations. Especially those containing large amounts of suspended solids, emulsified water or oil and all types of water-based, oil-based and synthetic-based drilling fluids. Drilling, completion and workover fluids sometimes referred to as muds, although essentially free of solids, are not strictly believed to be successfully used with this hose.
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Luohe Letone Technology Co., Ltd. has a 17-year history in the production, research and development and sales of rubber hoses and fluid connectors. It is a recognized high-quality rubber hose manufacturing and service enterprise in the industry.
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