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How to maintain the hydraulic pipe of excavator


The hydraulic pipe is a relatively delicate part of the excavator, and a set of original hydraulic pipe is expensive.


Want to extend the service life of the hydraulic tube, the most important thing is that the driver's actions should be soft, do not do high-intensity, high-risk actions, and proper maintenance methods also greatly affect the life of the hydraulic tube.


Be sure to use a protective ring


Both gear pumps and plunger pumps have oil pulsations during operation. Such pulsations will cause high-frequency vibrations in the hydraulic pipes, which cannot be completely eliminated. Therefore, the hydraulic tube has a special protective ring on the outside, and the tube at the root of the arm (plastic sleeve) and the tube at the head of the small arm (wire sleeve). This type of protective sleeve has a great effect.


Don't rub


Some excavator hydraulic pipes are later equipped by themselves, and the length is not suitable. It is easy to interfere with the large and small arms and friction or bend or bend. Interference friction will wear out the outer wall of the hydraulic pipe and cause the outer wall to become thin locally. It is easy to burst the tube under the effect of high pressure. Bending and bending of the hydraulic pipe will cause local pressure increase and local temperature rise easily lead to explosion of the hydraulic pipe.


Do not touch diesel gasoline


Try not to let the hydraulic pipe touch diesel fuel, although the hydraulic pipe is oil resistant. However, diesel and gasoline are somewhat corrosive. Generally, rubber will swell and fluff in long-term immersion in gasoline and diesel.


The interface should be buttered


Be sure to clean the lower part of the central oil separator and the walking motor cover regularly with calcium-based butter, and also apply a protective layer to the buckle to avoid rust in these places. In particular, coastal areas are often exposed to sea breezes and seawater, and the buckle is prone to corrosion.


Installation must be in place


When installing the pipe to the excavator, make sure whether it is tightened. If it is not tightened, the oil leakage is a small matter. If the vibration wears the interface plane, it will be troublesome.


New car is best to use No. 46 hydraulic oil


It is recommended to use No. 46 hydraulic oil for the new car. It is generally possible to use No. 46 hydraulic oil in order to ensure the working strength of the excavator for more than 10,000 hours.

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