Super Hercules Long Life Excavator Hose Introduction
The bending radius of the long-life excavator hose of Letone Super Hercules is 34% lower than the ISO18752 Class C standard, and the number of hose pulses exceeds 1 million times. With the use of Letone Technology's self-developed hose joints and hydrogenated nitrile seals, the service life can be prolonged. More than 5 years (two years of warranty), and strive to provide five "province" services of "time saving, labor saving, trouble saving, money saving and worry saving".
Flexibility: Bending at low temperature, the bending radius is 50% lower than that of DIN EN853 standard under the test condition of -40℃; the bending radius of 1”42MPa Super Hercules low bending series hose is about 250mm
Pulse performance: Test pulse according to 1.33 times of working pressure, more than 1 million pulse performance
Wear resistance: The wear of the super wear-resistant outer layer is 0g in the experimental state.
Explosiveness: 4 times the working pressure.
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Super Hercules Long Life Excavator Hose
Tube: Nitrile/Neoprene Synthetic Rubber for Biodegradable Hydraulic Fluids.
Reinforcement layer: one layer of steel wire braid (1/2"-3/4"), pulse ≥ 300,000 times; four layers of steel wire winding (1"-2"), pulse ≥ 1 million times.
Cover layer: Standard tube: no-stripping wear-resistant, weather-resistant synthetic rubber; wear-resistant tube: no-stripping high wear-resistant, weather-resistant synthetic rubber; super wear-resistant tube: no-stripping super wear-resistant, weather-resistant UHMWPE.
Temperature range: -40℃~+121℃ (-40℉~+250℉).
Executive standard: Exceed ISO18752-AC/CC standard.
Bending radius: 41% less than ISO18752 standard; 47% less than SAE standard; 60% more pressure than SAE standard.
Over the years, Letone has always adhered to the core values ​​of "integrity-based, customer first", and unswervingly promoted the development strategy of "innovative leadership, talent training priority, rooted in lean, and bravely climbing the peak". Closely focus on the upstream and downstream industrial chains of rubber hoses to carry out technical research and development and manufacturing of polymer materials, hydraulic hoses, industrial hoses, oil drilling hoses, food and medicine hoses, rubber seals, and fluid connectors.
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success case
Application case of excavator hose in construction machinery
Widely used in various types of construction machinery such as excavators. It has the characteristics of long life (5 years weather resistance, 2 years warranty), high pressure (25% higher than SAE/DIN standard), pulse resistance, low bending, etc. It is suitable for excavators and other large construction machinery.
Successful Use of Hydraulic Hose Assemblies
When assembling the hose, the recommended insertion depth has not been followed and the fitting has come off. After replacing the hose assembly, before crimping the new hose, mark the outer rubber of the hose according to the insertion depth indicated on our sample, and then insert the hose until the edge of the sleeve aligns with the marking line.
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