Introduction of acid fracturing hose

Keeping up with the new trend of shale oil and gas technology revolution, Letone Technology focuses on the difficulties and key points of special fluid media such as high-speed transportation of abrasive materials, corrosive acidified fracturing fluid, and high-pressure mud in the process of shale oil and gas exploitation, and launched a light-weight, long-life A shale oil and gas stimulation acidizing fracturing pipeline solution that is long, flexible, and easy to assemble——LT301F super wear-resistant acidizing fracturing hose.
full flow
The diameter is larger and the flow rate is faster, which helps to increase production efficiency.
super wear-resistant
High-pressure delivery of corundum is the quality choice for sand fracturing projects.
Acid and alkali corrosion resistance
The UHMWPE lining layer imported from Germany/Japan can withstand 28% hydrochloric acid, and the acid-based fracturing fluid can be transported without pressure.
High pressure resistance
The working pressure is as high as 20,000psi (about 138MPa), and the burst pressure is as high as 40,000psi (about 276MPa). The fracturing efficiency is high and the operation safety is guaranteed.
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