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Luohe Letone Technology Co., Ltd. has 17 years of history in the production, research and development and sales of rubber hoses and fluid connectors. It is an industry-recognized high-quality rubber hose manufacturing and service company. With stable product quality and good reputation, it has won the honorary title of "Top Ten Chinese Rubber Hose Enterprises" by the Rubber Hose Tape Branch of China Rubber Industry Association for eight consecutive years. To live up to the trust of customers and industry praise, the first phase of the Litong Fluid Smart Industrial Park, covering an area of about 200,000 square meters, was fully put into operation in October 2019. Litong now has 40 high-speed braiding machines, 10 wire winding machines, and industrial soft There are 6 tube forming machines, more than 60 fluid connection processing equipment, and 2 automatic rubber mixing production lines. The compound rubber processing capacity is 15,000 tons, the annual output of hydraulic hoses, petrochemical and other industrial hoses is 40 million meters, and the rubber seals and related products are 20 million pieces.