What measures can be taken to solve the impact causes of hydraulic system?

Time:2017-07-26 00:00:00From: Letone Hydraulics


The impact of the hydraulic system mainly comes from the process of pressure change, speed change and reversing. At this time, the fluid flowing in the pipeline forms a high pressure peak due to the quick reversing and the sudden closing of the valve port, which causes the connection, joint and flange to loosen or the sealing ring to squeeze into the gap and damage, resulting in leakage. In order to reduce the leakage caused by impact and vibration, the following measures can be taken:
① Fix all pipes with damping bracket to absorb the energy of impact and vibration.
② Adopt the reversing valve with damping, slowly open and close the valve, and set the buffer device (such as one-way throttle valve) at the end of the hydraulic cylinder.
③ Use a low impact valve or accumulator to reduce the impact.
④ Arrange the pressure control valve properly to protect all components of the system.
⑤ The number of pipe joints shall be minimized, and the pipe joints shall be welded as much as possible.
⑥ Use threaded straight head, tee joint and elbow instead of taper pipe threaded joint.
⑦ Try to replace each configuration with a return block.
⑧ For the maximum pressure used, specify the bolt torque and plug torque used during installation to prevent damage to the joint surface and seal.